Victoria Moralez – Colored Transmission Waves

Victoria Moralez‘s latest release is titled ‘Colored Transmission Waves’. She sings with maximum assurance, and her emotion seeps over the tune in a smooth manner. It’s a track with a lot of different flavours. Victoria sings with her heart firmly on her sleeve here, and she synergises with the strong backbeat and mesmerising melody. Her lyricism reaches home with her sophisticated articulation, and she proves to be relevant in present times.

Victoria cleverly changes up her sound frequently, and we hear an edgier sound as the music develops, with a melancholy vibe creeping in at points. It develops into an epic adventure as the song progresses, with a confident chorus. But the thrills don’t stop there; we occasionally hear a new direction emerge, making it even more distinctive.

Another plus for this song is that it doesn’t sound similar to anything else on the contemporary pop list. It has a strong chorus hook and sounds somewhat similar to something you could anticipate from Imogen Heap. Still, it has enough original personality to avoid sounding like a rip-off. Also, Victoria shines brightly like a beacon thanks to her distinct voice. In addition, the refrain aids in keeping this one fresh in the memory after it has ended. Overall, this release will grow in leaps and bounds in the months ahead. It has something for everyone, and it’s difficult not to get on Victoria’s wavelength here.

Words by James Davids

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