Raphael Klemm – Dig Our Hole

‘Dig Our Hole’ is the latest single from Raphael Klemm. Indie vibes are flowing through every facet of the production, and the singer also brings an electronic dance aura to the forefront, creating a foundation that is challenging to refuse. 

It begins with a groovy guitar rhythm that rises from the underground to the top of the compound. The beat then begins to move, causing our feet to tap in time with the fast-paced music. Raphael then takes to the microphone and sings in a theatrical tone, emphasizing his thought-provoking topic. He talks about getting himself into a problem and not only struggling to get out of it but also making things worse.

Raphael Klemm’s vocals are among his greatest and possibly his most captivating to date. He has a pop-influenced style, but he also offers a cutting edge to the spearhead, which helps him stand out among his contemporaries. His energy levels are also on the uptick, and his performance in the chorus section provides a brand new dynamism.

Raphael swaps components around as the song proceeds, and a modified guitar lead paves the way forward following the chorus, with a pleasing warm tone grabbing the ears to their captivating timbre. The guitar isn’t sitting still either, building up steam and synergizing with Raph’s primary vocal. It creates an indent in the final part, pulling us back in for more. 

Words by James Davids

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