1.0.8. – Devotion

Andrew Stewart has been working with producer and musician Jason Odle at Developing Sounds in North Yorkshire, the product of that collaboration is ‘Devotion’, 1.0.8.‘s latest release! The single follows on from their previous dream-like soundscapes, with a nod to influences from Talking Heads and The Beatles. ‘Devotion’ is also the title track of the upcoming album, which is due for release on the 18th of March!

‘Devotion’ is a lively track filled with bouncing blues riffs and a psychedelic melancholic vibe! It is festive, different and refreshing with grand and seductive vocals that colour its musical palette. The track is a result of the rollercoaster that is life, about their music they say: “The rollercoaster of life during 2021 resulted in an intense period of creativity; constantly aware of the big clock ticking and a sense of urgency with all things. I think the music has definitely benefited from this. It’s been a blast!” And hopefully that’s not meant to be past, or finished, tense, since we are more than ready for more of this devoted sound!

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