Tina Loeffler – Hill Hide

German indie folk artist Tina Loeffler has just released the soothing and intriguing ‘Hill Hide’, her latest single which will hopefully be followed by many more. Her refined and soft indie dream pop sound is a refreshing mix of her grand vocals and a simplistic yet fine-tuned soundscape. ‘Hill Hide’ starts off with a pensive intro, driven by shimmering compositions and followed by painting vocals.

Tina Loeffler started this new with the release of ‘Hill Hide’ and captures an indie folk vibe a la Roo Panes and Gregory Alan Isakov. She relies on acoustic instruments and organic textures and paints the picture of an enchanted forest, coloured by a simplicity that comes from the single being recorded in her home studio next to the woods. About ‘Hill Hide’, Tina says: “I wrote the song early in December, after a long period of rain, mist and restrictions due to the pandemic. I recognised so many people getting frustrated, caught up in the feat that the current situation in their lives might not be a nurturing ground for the fulfilment of their dreams.”

“In times like these, it can be quite refreshing to take the path of the unknown. There are always new opportunities and lands to discover, we just have to start walking.“ And with ‘Hill Hide’ she translated the journey she took, to get back to where she felt inspired, and the result of that journey is a comforting and inspiring alternative folk track.

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