Anelogi – Give Me More

Danish songstress Anelogi just released the first single of her upcoming debut album, ‘Give Me More’ is a redemptive, soft and soothing single with beautiful vocals. Her Nordic soul sound is one we haven’t heard before, atmospheric, strong and sensitive at the same time. She sounds like the ocean, invites you to dip your toes in, and enjoy the tranquillity of the movement of the water.

‘Give Me More’ is a warm song, optimistic, and driven by synths and subtle guitar lines, with her soft vocals stealing the show! About the single, Anelogi says: “In ‘Give Me More’, I imagine what it will feel like to soar out on the waves. I often use sports and nature to take breaks from the throng of thoughts and give myself an energy boost. I would love if this song could be a reminder of the power that lies in it, when we get too busy, of what happens in our heads.” And with that, we leave you to enjoy ‘Give Me More’, and hopefully you’ll be able to take a welcome break from everyday life.

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