Greg Bounce – People in Their Houses

Greg Bounce just released his latest release, ‘People in Their Houses’ is about the past couple of years, our mutual struggles and “how we have held all of our highs, lows, nights out, job interviews, funerals – and endless Netflix. Every home is a weird, unknown world.”

Greg Bounce’s sound, however, is drenched in familiarity, a welcome hug in the form of his soft alternative pop sound, with a hint of folk. Immaculate vocals and a shimmering soundscape, built on subtle elements and a softly thumping beat, they paint a vivid picture. ‘People in Their Houses’ is Greg’s third release, spacious and supporting his fluid, melodic lead like no other.

“Without sounding like a stalker, I’ve always been interested in houses – small, secretive and hidden spaces where we spend our time,” says Greg. “We glimpse other people’s lives, but it’s weird that a human who lives metres away leads an entirely distant and unknown life.” I have probably never related more to someone and something, houses, living rooms and interiors are the most fascinating things of all things, and ‘People in Their Houses’ will be my new soundtrack for my next wandering throughout the city.

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