Whylemin – Do You Ever Wonder

A chaotically dreamy, mesmerising new release was released by Swedish singer songwriter Whylemin. ‘Do You Ever Wonder’ has the allure of Aurora with a swaying soundscape and grand vocals that chant its lyrics, giving the single a mantra-like feeling. Her debut single is an eclectic blend of DIY bedroom pop with well-produced modern pop, and a touch of moody electronic elements.

Together with the single she launches her own label, and with the freshly launched record company she fulfils a dream of releasing her own music, a dream that has been blossoming since she was seven years old. “Hundred hours of practicing are summed up in a timeline of songs about what it is like to be so heartbroken that it becomes part of who you are.” About ‘Do You Ever Wonder’ Sofia, the soul behind Whylemin, says: “In ‘Do You Ever Wonder’ there is both anger and love and it can be difficult to distinguish what is what, as it happens when you are let down by someone you love.”

Her atmospheric piano ballad is a grand gesture, a promising debut from the Swedish artist, and with the influences that have adamantly shaped her sound we are looking forward to see what’s next in store for Whylemin and her label!

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