New rock: Kyoto Kyoto, MRVAMPIRE and 4. or Docklands

Kyoto Kyoto – Grangbeen

Since we love our filthy riffs and energetic, sultry soundscapes, Kyoto Kyoto has quickly become one of our favourite up and comers in the scene! ‘Grangbeen’ is their latest release, a refreshing piece of Krautrock, typifying the Kyoto Kyoto blueprint! Combine hazy spiritualism with jazzy undertones and a lot of noise and you get ‘Grangbeen’, just the way we like it. ‘Grangbeen’ is the lead single from ‘Mirror Flexing Jaw’, the debut EP that was released last week via Blitzcat Records!


MRVAMPIRE’s latest leans against the seductive and memorable Alex Turner sound but is more expressive, explosive and exciting. ‘Latah’ is a mixture of surf and garage rock, with powerful vocals and a riffing soundscape. MRVAMPIRE doesn’t fit just one box, does it a little differently, yet their sound is accessible and wildly groovy, infectious even! ‘Latah’ is a perfect introduction into the world of the West Los Angeles-born outfit, with its twisted vocal deliveries being one of our favourite elements of ‘Latah’!

4 or Docklands – Party Songs

‘Party Songs’ is another guitar-driven track, explosive and well-produced, 4. or Docklands portray a more refined and sleek alternative rock sound with their latest release. The band expanded their project to involve a full band, and with their influences taken from 90’s shoegaze, ‘Party Songs’ is quite the enigmatic blend of soundscapes. “The song is essentially about messy house parties, but speaks to the vulnerability which people can show when trying their best to let go and enjoy themselves”, it is all of our experiences of house parties and wonky late nights blended together and out came the perfect representation of all of those nights in the form of ‘Party Songs’!

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