Mujinzo – Delhi Station Drift

Mujinzo is riding the hype wave thanks to his latest release, ‘Delhi Station Drift’. It is a track with a vibrant flavour, and the fearless character from the UK born native is hard to fault. 

Mujinzo, who now calls Australia home, hits the nail on the head with this release. Furthermore, his quality soars with a solid basis that even the harshest critics will find difficult to fault. So, where do we begin? This album contains a plethora of discussion topics.

The victorious opening of the overture sets the tone for the rest of the piece. Furthermore, the creator’s versatility pays off with a direction that differs from most tracks audible in recent times. It creates an electronic indie vibe, exploring quickly, leading the path forward with its creative structure.

‘Delhi Station Drift’ has a robust euphonic direction that grabs the listener’s attention every time it plays, no matter how many times it has come on before. Mujinzo also includes a revitalising vocal sample that sets him apart from his predecessors. Furthermore, the tone is warm when needed, but it frequently switches up, leaving us on the edge of our seats, unsure of what will happen next.

The music flips and turns as the song nears its conclusion before launching into a tremendous crescendo. It’s a satisfying conclusion that makes us want to hit play again.

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