The Round Up – February

Actve Captve x The New Authentic – Beauty of Life

The funky new indie track Actve Captve released was created by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Justin Han, and it’s a divine piece of melodic and danceable compositions. The song talks about a heavy episode of depression and annoying yourself with repeating yourself over and over again, “I tried a new tactic of embracing the feeling and accept where I was, instead of trying to numb it or avoid it.” and with ‘Beauty of Life’ coming out of that the other end, we are grateful for this process!

Novustory – Love Me Too

Novustory’s latest is an almost broody new electronic pop rock track with sharp vocals and a grand, thumping chorus that makes ‘Love Me Too’ stand out most of all. Stark vocals and a rhythmic soundscape dress up the story ‘Love Me Too’ tells, “it sums up the struggle our band has faced over years of trying to ‘make it in the music industry’, but to your average listener, it can be taken as a love song, a plea even, to the second member of a failing relationship. ‘Love Me Too’ feels like our way of saying to the industry ‘this is us, this is our sound, this is who we are and this isn’t the last you’ve heard of us.”

Dan Fable – Bisto Gravy

Dan Fable released a new and catchy alternative folk pop song with a chorus that is undeniably infectious, ‘Bisto Gravy’ is a simple yet pleasant easy-listening track with spoken vocals and a subtle soundscape! About his latest, Dan says: “This is a song I wrote about someone I used to know who was known locally as ‘Bisto’.” The song has gone viral on TikTok and we can tell why, it’s build on the success formula of memorable pop songs and makes us want to listen over and over again!

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – She Spins

Tongue-twisters Letting Up Despite Great Faults have recently released the hazy and refined musical masterpiece, ‘She Spins’. It is the almost panting vocals, the subtle harmonies and the repetitive yet mesmerising rhythm that give the track an edge, something that makes it memorable. The band name, I’ve already forgotten, but their sound and latest single, I have not. It is a little different, something not abiding by the simple ‘be catchy, be bouncy’ rule a lot of others seem to live by. Letting Up Despite Great Faults do something it differently and they do it well!

The Shop Window – Lighthouse

‘Lighthouse’ is The Shop Window’s new alternative pop track, one with an intro a la The La’s, a soft and mellow new release with an interesting instrumental intro that smoothly transcends into soft and vivacious vocals. ‘Lighthouse’ is the bands’ second release of the upcoming second album, and shows a sigh of relief, an unhurried sound that shows confidence. About their new release, the band say: “I sometimes wake up and find myself in a fog, crippled by anxiety and self doubt. ‘Lighthouse’ is about how my wife is always able to steer me through that fog to safety and firmer ground. She has an ability to do this without even realising most of the time, just by being her sparkling self.” 

Louis Pax – Spanish Rain

The anthemic new pop rock track by Sweden’s emerging alternative pop rock outfit Louis Pax is a shimmering and exciting new one. ‘Spanish Rain’ is sensitive yet strong and determined fuelled by beautiful vocals and a brass-influenced soundscape! It is the third release from the band and takes a more melancholic turn, with ‘Spanish Rain’ their capture the moment of heart-break, “a winter cigarette in the early morning hours, when you finally understand that all that you thought you had and held, is now out of your grasp and beyond control.”

mosaics – Berlin

Fife’s five piece indie rock band mosaics just released their new single ‘Berlin’, about a night out in… You guessed it didn’t you?! Their infectious and melodious sound is thrilling and vivacious, as well as funky and festive. ‘Berlin’ is the perfect slice of mosaics and comparable to the likes of Fickle Friends and Two Door Cinema Club! The band formed in late 2019 and have now finalised their line-up, their latest release being drenched in self-assurance and perseverance!

Elison – When She’s Eighteen

“When she’s eighteen I’ll be free! I feel like that quite often these days, but in truth it is followed closely by guilt and regret.” The soothing and mellow pop sound of Elison is mesmerising and had us hooked ever since their debut single ‘Meet Me Halfway’, with their latest they do it again and hook us even more. Elison said: “My daughter is twenty months old as I write and now the good far outweigh the bad, but there have been times when that has not been the case and the writing of this song happened at one of those times.”

The Upsides – Gold Rush

‘Gold Rush’ is the debut single of New York City-based fourpiece The Upsides and blasts a seductive sound consisting of Strokes-like guitar riffs and early ’70’s Heartbreakers tones! It is an up-tempo, catchy and groovy track with a danceable rhythm and warm vocals. It is a pop rock song “reminiscent of the early aughts rock revival in their home city”. Its vocals standing out most, switching back and forth between crooning and a falsetto, while the bands’ soundscapes go from Rolling Stones-esque to Queens Of The Stone Age ferocity!

Findlay – Night Sweats

Manchester’s musical all-rounder Findlay is back with the stunning and playful ‘Night Sweats’, it is potentially one of our favourites of the songstress so far, even though ‘Off & On’ is hard to beat! A journey of self-discovery inspired the upcoming second album ‘The Last of the 20th Century Girls’, which is due for release on the 13th of May. ‘Night Sweats’ is a promising start of the release schedule that is due to follow, being a sharp, genre-blending piece of 80’s-inspired alt pop with shimmering vocals and an incredibly infectious soundscape!

Redeemers – Peace of Mind

Manchester indie rock band Redeemers have just released their debut single ‘Peace of Mind’, it’s an infectious and riffing piece of alt rock created by the five piece that’s passionate and hungry! About the catchy track, lead guitarist Eoin Harkin said: “The song is about not being able to give reassurances, maybe being a bit too jaded to give that to someone during that time with them or even after the fact. Musically, the song has a slower tempo than other songs that we’ve got up our sleeves, with a vibe and sound that lends itself to the 90’s.”

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