thea wang – Tell Me About It

Norwegian songstress thea wang creates fragile and beautifully crafted sing songs, ‘Tell Me About It’ is her latest and got us hooked to the mesmerising artist. She wrote a small and lonesome song that is emotive while positive and comforting at the same time. ‘Tell Me About It’ kicks with minimalistic vocals and a subtle soundscape, and somewhere in the second minute, its sound expands and pulls its listener into the world of thea wang. We are halfway the song when the realisation comes that this is only a debut release…

‘Tell Me About It’ is sure to leave an impression, to paint the picture of the future for the talented folk pop artist who’s got us grasping for more. This acoustic dream folk song is a cherry that will soon be followed by the cake, the simple and almost teasing intro of what is next in store for us brand new wang-lovers. About her debut, the says: “‘Tell Me About It’ is about growing up and letting go. It is about those times when you’re not sure of who you are anymore, and you need someone or something to help you remember.”

This single is the beginning of a journey, which will soon entail a debut album, and hopefully a series of mesmerising live shows!

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