SYLLO – Not In The Mood

The grand and stadium-filling sound of SYLLO returns to us in the form of ‘Not In The Mood’, and we are everything but… ‘Not In The Mood’! His strong and low pitched voice has a pleasant edge to it and brings his latest song to life, aided by a thumping and riffing soundscape. Potentially his largest yet, ‘Not In The Mood’ is furious and driven, open-hearted and passionate – a pop song leaning towards rock with bags of pervasiveness supporting its structure.

Looking at those who worked on the track we can tell what path SYLLO is following and why ‘Not In The Mood’ is again slightly heavier than his previously released material as he co-produced the track with producer Al Grovers (Bring Me The Horizon). With ‘Not In The Mood’, SYLLO seems to have etched his sound into the modern musical landscape as it leaves the impression he’s got much more up his sleeve and it’s a song we’d happily listen to over and over again!

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