James Leonard Hewitson – Stable

James Leonard Hewitson released his new single ‘Stable’ last week, and the single is keeping up the line of success of his previous performances at End of the Road and Twisterella Festival! James writes and plays nearly all instruments we hear, and is supported by Michael Kitching on drums and percussion, Josh Ingledew on additional synths, while Chris McManus took care of recording, mixing and mastering!

The single was created when the government brought Covid restrictions upon us, with the lyrics telling the story of the emotional unavailability and yearning but having to understand to deal with that. The lyrics are what make this single stand out, with the opening of the song being ‘I can make you laugh, but I’ll never make you happy’ which shows the vulnerability that James felt at the time when the world was closing in, and he opens up about how he truly felt. The song is filled with cheeky musical references to artists such as George Michael, Rolling Stones, Slug and more artists that know how to use the synths… Probably. The one reference that stands out most to us, is that of middle-aged Hartlepudlian men saying ‘Are ya winnin son?’, a question we ask ourselves daily…

If James answers one question with his latest musical offering, it is his versatility, and way of not shying away for his feelings, open and honesty are what have lead us here and it is a refreshing take on the past few gloomy years!

To catch James Leonard Hewitson and his band live, find dates below:
5th March at Quarry, Liverpool
6th March at The Talleyrand, Manchester
18th March at Base Camp, Middlesbrough
25th March at Bobiks, Newcastle

Words by Chloe Gudgin

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