Baudelaire – Prayers

The dark post punk of the UK’s emerging supergroup Baudelaire is a warm and infectious, inspiring and comforting one driven by gorgeous vocals and a thumping soundscape. ‘Prayers’ explores the dark corner of the human condition and was recorded by producer Gavin Monaghan who previously worked with Editors and Robert Plant. We can hear those influences, feel its dark and immersing soundscape slowly take over control while we get lost in the dark and impressive forest of sounds that is ‘Prayers’.

Baudelaire explore the unlit corners of the human condition on their debut single, and it is hard to imagine that ‘Prayers’ is the first release by the band that already sound so determined and set in their ways. “The song encapsulates a style that is as unnerving as it is cathartic, weaving gothic atmospheres together with an industrial menace.” And guess who’s a big fan of gothic soundscapes?! Right, that’s us. We’re looking forward to hear more, or even better, hope to be listening to Baudelaire on vinyl in the future!

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