Females to the front: Heddy Edwards, néomí and Ferris & Sylvester

Heddy Edwards – cherry picker

‘cherry picker’ is Heddy’s latest soulful dream pop track, infused with 80’s synths and 90’s pop rock. At the forefront her beautifully fragile vocals, a subtle and simple soundscape dressing up the rest of the song, finishing its sound. ‘cherry picker’ is Heddy Edwards’ second release and was written, produced and recorded in her home studio, “It is a plea to once again find the rosy, happier version of myself (the “cherry picker”) while I was struggling with undiagnosed mental health issues and the loss of a loved one.”

Its personal narrative gives the song its meaning, makes it an admirable and positive sounding pop rock song with, despite a bittersweet story, a positive twist. It is the comfort its sound offers us, that make Heddy Edwards an interesting artist and ‘cherry picker’ a soothing and outstanding new release!

néomí – if i wasn’t made for love

The immersively fragile new song that came from the hand of Surinamese/ Dutch songstress néomí is called ‘if i wasn’t made for love’ and is a beautiful new folk pop track embracing warm vocals and a warm, hearty soundscape. She writes authentic and sincere stories backed by dreamy soundscapes, that make for delicate indie folk songs with bewitching vocals. ‘if i wasn’t made for love’ is her debut single, and was released on [PIAS] Recordings Holland.

“‘if i wasn’t made for love’ was written in a time where I doubted love in the most possible way ever. And let’s be honest, love is the most stupid thing in the world. Think about it: you want someone, you fall in love, you love each other, you heat each other, it hurts, you break up, and you keep doing that because every time you think once more ‘this is the one’.” Luckily her bittersweet opinion on love lead to her writing her debut and many other that will hopefully soon be released into the world.

Ferris & Sylvester – Breadwinner

Ferris & Sylvester’s bluesy new single ‘Breadwinner’ is another example of their exquisite and superb sound. Being quite the subtle, yet thumping, sound, ‘Breadwinner’ is heart-warming, precious, and fierce. Another release on [PIAS], which will soon be followed by the release of their debut album ‘Superhuman’. A refined and well-produced sound is what they made theirs, something other artists won’t be able to touch as it is so recognisably Ferris & Sylvester.

Their fresh take on folk and blues is such a welcome one, and it isn’t just this single we can’t help but simply adore. Singing guitars and a laid-back rhythm are the signature sounds of our unhurried weekends, soundtracks for lazy afternoons and welcome breaks. About ‘Breadwinner’, they say: “This song is a celebration of feeling lost. Of not knowing where you’re going or how to get what you want. Of working hard in your work life and your love life, and getting little reward. You imagined your life would be like an indie film, where boy meets girl and everyone lives in cool loft apartments. Instead, life is more like an unseen episode of Peep Show. The truth is, everyone is in it together. There is an odd human comfort in that, and it deserves to be celebrated. That is what Breadwinner is for.”

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