MEMES – Second Thought

MEMES are lots of things but most of all fun and energetic, their latest ‘Second Thought’ is the fast paced, musical shot of caffeine we needed at the end of a long workday. We are relieved to know they will soon be gracing the stage in the North East at the next edition of Songs From Northern Britain which is taking place at the Georgian Theatre in Stockton on the 21st of May!

The Glasgow-based band’s latest single was produced by Darwin Deez and talks about “seconds thoughts about everything, from marriage to who our favourite knight was at King Arthur’s round table”. Their cogent sound, its fast paced soundscape and repetitive, pressing vocals make ‘Second Thought’ exciting and very catchy. It is as if with their latest, MEMES are sharing a secret, and only those interested enough to listen will know… We are all part of something bigger now, because we listened to MEMES.

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