Monakis – Rich

We got hooked to Monakis punchy alternative punk rock and they’ve recently released a new single which got us hooked, again. ‘Rich’ is loud, aggressive and driven by riffs and pungent vocals! The Brighton-based new wave punk trio create rough and heavy hitting tracks that are fast paced and striking.

‘Rich’ is one of those songs that help us imagine what a live show of Monakis would look and sound like, it is the energy resembling that of Slaves, and the IDLES’ Joe Talbot-like vocals that make us want to be at a live show, being pushed around in the pit! Their lyrics can be taken literally, and ‘Rich’ offers another lyrical example of a track that talks of modern societal problems and politics they don’t entirely agree with… They voice what we can’t put into words, and entertain their listeners while doing so!

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