Sunday Mourners – Freak Beat

Our new favourite beat is Sunday Mourners‘ ‘Freak Beat’! Fast paced, highly energetic and infectious, ‘Freak Beat’ is their latest classic punk-inspired dancin’ tune. The song is a breath of fresh air, a sound we don’t hear often anymore in today’s musical landscape, but Sunday Mourners aren’t shying away from the 60’s garage rock sound, and it suits them oh so well! ‘Freak Beat’ was topically recorded in their own garage, and it’s the debut single off their upcoming EP which is due for release later this year.

The Southern California-based band started out in a university dorm room and after a line-up change became the Sunday Mourners. Their protopunk-inspired noisy rock ‘n’ roll energy is too catchy not to copy and hard to shake off after having listened to ‘Freak Beat’ about… Five times. All we want to do now is get ourselves a black leather jacket, tight jeans and a pair of black cowboy boots and we’re ready to rule the world… With Sunday Mourners’ ‘Freak Beat’ as our soundtrack of course!

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