The Brouhaha – Rain Down

The Brouhaha conquer all with their new track ‘Rain Down’. Taking us away from their modern music’s status quo, The Brouhaha bring their unique approach to the fore. A track that gets the feel-good saps flowing by the barrel load strikes a chord and proves to be prevalent from the start. The music begins with a guitar line that jingles its way forward. It quickly delves into a foot-tapping realm, with the percussion changing the feel. The Brouhaha commence with genuine conviction, with Callum, the frontman, commanding from the conception.

His delivery is assertive, and his words arrive without prevarication. He draws inspiration from some of the biggest names from yesteryear, creating a genuine sense of nostalgia, but there is also plenty of cutting-edge innovation. But could there have been greater vocal variety? Perhaps the vocals have more to offer, and it would have been lovely to hear Callum dig a little deeper into this vocal range.

Towards the end of the release, we hear a more jubilant mix. The drumming becomes more animated, as the many sounds pound away with even more depth! Also, as the song proceeds, the lead guitar rips up the ending section, its tone crushing through the speakers with rock and roll acidity! Overall, a smashing release from the UK based group, The Brouhaha. 

Words by James Davids

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