Galaxy Thief – Timewaster

Indie rock band Galaxy Thief have just released their new single ‘Timewaster’, the track is opening a brand new chapter for the band who have recently been joined by new frontman and co-writer Rhys Messenger. He’s bringing a grittier, more mature sound which we can hear on ‘Timewaster’, this track is their stamp on the modern indie scene, a promise to live music-lovers that their live gigs will be taken to a new level!

‘Timewaster’ is a thumping indie rock track, strong vocals, a bunch of riffs and melody-lines that will stick with us for the next couple of days. “‘Timewaster’ personifies the warning voice of time, holding up a mirror to a life recklessly frittered away. Time speaks to those who build their flimsy house of cards on sand – knowing it’ll never stand the test of time; that everything built has been squandered.” Its background story is almost more poetic than its lyrics, and those are a strong set of lyrics!

This is a start of something exciting, a new band on the block, with energy, passion and ambition, and an infectious pop rock sound, what more do you want?!

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