Miller Yule – Evergreen

It is his warm voice in combination with the extorted, riffing soundscape that make Miller Yule interesting and ‘Evergreen’ one of our new favourite tracks. Subtle yet catchy and hard to ignore nor get out of your head. ‘Evergreen’ is undeniably catchy, a warm-hearted and soft pop rock song with a few surprises making it stand out from others within its genre!

‘Evergreen’ can best be described as the sequel to his previous single ‘Lock Me Up’, “We’re no longer on the run as fugitives, guilty of stealing hearts. Instead, ‘Evergreen’ is an innocent hot late summer night, driving with the top down, road tripping, getting lost and listening to Springsteen at full volume. We’ve all been there and we’re all nostalgic about having been there, so this song is to remember those ‘late night, street light, summertime dreaming’ moments. Let’s get lost again!”

‘Evergreen’ makes us want to feel lost again, bringing a nostalgic yet comforting feeling driven by delicious guitar licks, a thumping intro and seductive vocals. Have a listen below.

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