New garage: KEEF, Onlooker and Lyena

KEEF – Day In Day Out

The North West is keeping a secret and we have decided to take it upon ourselves and share the secret with you! The secret is called KEEF and they have recently released their new single ‘Day In Day Out’, it’s punchy, exciting and energetic and “it’s based on the monotony of daily life when chained to the repetitive cycle of work and trying to pay the bills.” The track and KEEF’s sound is based on dissatisfaction and the need to get rid of their frustration with modern society and they translate that into a captivating and enraged garage rock sound!

Onlooker – Glory

Teesside-based garage rock outfit Onlooker have just released their latest, ‘Glory’. It’s a fast paced, upbeat and fun track with a no-nonsense attitude and a sound that is furious yet refined and anthemic! ‘Glory’ is about greedy capitalists, and clearly doesn’t beat around the bush. ‘Glory’ is taken from the bands’ debut album ‘Total Reset’, the thirteen-track counting slice of filthy rock is refreshing and punchy and solidifies their position within the local scene!

Lyena – Boys Toys

Lyena create fierce and sharp tongued post punk anthems and have done so once again with their latest, ‘Boys Toys’! It’s a smashing hit, loud and thumping, with a ferocity that’s almost terrifying yet at the same time appealing. They strum their guitars and bang their drums like their lives depend on it. The single is an ode to overnight activism and “points the finger at the concept of British nationalism and the lost souls who are enticed into working for blind gains.” Think IDLES meets Franz Ferdinand and Royal Blood, makes for quite the sound don’t you think?!

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