Missed in Feb: Butterjunk, OLI x Dave Gahan, Sarah Johnsone and Hotel Hugo

Butterjunk – Face Again

The north east’s fast rising outfit Butterjunk released their single ‘Face Again’ last month which shows another exciting side to the band that blends shoegaze and dream rock and creates their own genre like it’s peanuts! The band got picked up by BBC Radio 6 and with their new release we understand why, ‘Face Again’ is the product of experiments with shimmering synths, The Cure-like compositions and builds upon strong vocals that are pleasant to listen to. We could listen to ‘Face Again’ over and over again! 

OLI x Dave Gahan – Does That Hurt?

‘Does That Hurt?’ is a pensive and soft, mesmerising track, an alternative dream that leans against a produced pop sound with a soundscape that is driven by surprising elements! Singer songwriter OLI worked alongside Depeche Mode’s Dave Grahan and brought us an exciting blend of the classic combined with the modern rock sound. In many ways it is extravagant, yet refined and slow paced, building on warm and exciting harmonies enhanced by brilliant songwriting. About the song OLI said: “I wanted it to seem like two people who just couldn’t see eye to eye. They both aren’t really listening to each other, they’re stuck. It’s almost like they are interrupting each other throughout the song.” 

Sarah Johnsone – Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl

Singer songwriter Sarah Johnsone released her new pop single ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl’ on the 25th of February, one of the first we have heard of the songstress with a full band behind her. It is smooth, sultry and well-produced, easily comparable to the latest Wolf Alice, Wet Leg and Biig Piig for example. The song itself is a juxtaposition, with sombre lyrics and an energetic soundscape, the first recorded with her band which has proven to be a success. It is the extra layers they add, the soft pop sound that is boosted by their rock influences and renewed energy! Sarah Johnsone and band are now ready for more, and ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl’ shows they are. 

Hotel Hugo – Paradise

‘Paradise’ is Hotel Hugo’s debut release is a soft surf rock track made with an 80’s Casio drum machine and an old acoustic guitar. Their rambling and vintage sound is addictive and evolving throughout the track, and this is only their first release! “‘Paradise’ deals with the frustration of feeling ‘landlocked’ by a situation and longing for an escape. I also playfully poke fun at my own discontentment as a means to gain perspective.” An escape is exactly what ‘Paradise’ offers us, a breather, a side track from everyday life towards a music-filled soundscape of warm vocals and riffing guitars that we could just listen to again and again!

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