Neon Dreams – Little Dance

Canadian alternative pop rock outfit Neon Dreams are back with ‘Little Dance’, it’s a dynamic and warm, summery track with an undeniably catchy soundscape and funky vocals. The duo were inspired after finishing their first tour through South Africa and decided to go shark diving… Vocalist Frank Kadillac said: “I had a phobia of drowning but felt it was time to face my fears. I jumped in the water and opened my eyes. There was a shark staring right at my face, my heart was pumping so I panicked. As I was collecting my breath I started hearing this melody in my head that kept getting louder. I left the ocean to grab my phone and record the melody which eventually became the chorus of ‘Little Dance’!”

It doesn’t happen often that the story behind a track literally gives me the chills, but this had me on the edge of my chair! ‘Little Dance’s chorus gets joined by a new-gained perspective on annoying flies, they’re not annoying, they’re dancing! “They were finding purpose. They were falling in love. They don’t live long, but they do their best to enjoy each moment from sun-up to sun-down.”

We are all just dancing under the sun and have the choice of joining in, or standing on the side, now I personally dance all day long, but Neon Dreams have translated those thoughts and reflections into a song that is catchy and gives my dances rhythm and a new depth. Next to their latest release being infectious and sounding very well-produced, the tale it tells is even stronger and something I’d like to keep close to my heart.

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