The Round Up – March

The Brothers Moore – Run Wild

From Tulsa, Oklahoma (please say it’s not just me who instantly got Friends backflashes?!) hail The Brothers Moore with their brand new rock ‘n’ roll single ‘Run Wild’! Its name gives away who the band is led by, and its sound who they are inspired by. Theirs is a refreshing mix of Kings of Leon-like guitars and The Strokes, The Black Keys-like vocals! Formed in 2017, it’s a surprise we hadn’t run into them earlier, as The Brothers Moore really do create an infectious rock sound, perfect to start off your weekend with!

The Man Who – Cage

A warm and broody new sound was released by The Man Who in the form of their new single ‘Cage’. Sultry vocals and a simple, subtle soundscape paint a vivid picture of the bands’ adventures and musical direction. Its build up is slow and steady, bringing a layer of depth to the song’s warm pop rock sound. The Canadian outfit have a refined and accessible sound, and ‘Cage’ is a perfect introduction!

Ian McFarland – Plus One to Heaven

Ian McFarland’s latest’s title gives the impression of a way heavier sound than ‘Plus One to Heaven’ really showcases, a relief. His latest is at times almost comedic sounding song, a fresh alternative folk sound, spacious and with simple vocals that tell a story of love and loss. The American singer songwriter is a storyteller first and foremost and showcases that wonderfully on ‘Plus One to Heaven’, the single also being the opening track of his sophomore release!

Big Society – Something We Can Work Out

Big Society’s latest is a welcome and catchy new alternative rock track with warm vocals and a light soundscape, driven by synths and a slow and steady rhythm. ‘Something We Can Work Out’ talks about family affairs, agitation, fear and then acceptance. “Hey now why do you keep telling me I’m gonna die some day?” is the strong and to the point intro that had us hooked to the track. A slowly simmering song with a warm undertone, sounding like spring, longing for summer, Big Society are on our to watch list!

Sunkisst – Won’t Go By

‘Won’t Go By’ is the debut single of Scottish four piece Sunkisst, it’s an upbeat Beatles-esque track with warm vocal harmonies and delicious guitar licks! Footloose-lovers put on your dancing shoes because Sunkisst have really created something else. ‘Won’t Go By’ is about the opportunities that are there and meant for you, yet that doesn’t mean that you won’t have to work for them. “You still need to pull your sock up, get the work done and earn them. Inspired by the famous Scottish saying, whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye.”

Findlay – The End Of The World

Another light-hearted and amusing, pleasant single was released by seasoned outfit Findlay. ‘The End Of The World’ is their latest, having been released alongside its accompanying self-directed, Wes Anderson and 70’s cookbook inspired music video. Their sound is effortless, comforting and without any frills, a blend of upbeat indie pop, psychedelic elements and hints of sweet pop! The single was their way of dealing with a deeply existential and lonely time, “I think it was just my way of coping with a world that felt completely surreal and out of my control.” And we’re glad ‘The End Of The World’ is how Findlay deals!

Alexis Gerred – Unbreakable (feat. MiG Ayesa)

‘Unbreakable’ is a powerful and high energy rock track that brought about a collaboration that was simply meant to be. Alexis Gerred got the chance to work with one of the musicians that inspired him to start making music, ‘Unbreakable’ starrs MiG Ayesa and is a fast paced, high energy track that subtly blends rough rock influences with modern pop elements and brings a dynamic and exciting soundscape. The video for ‘Unbreakable’ brings an extra layer of energy and makes us long for more, lucky us; ‘Unbreakable’ will soon be followed up by the release of Gerred’s second album!

Craig Lee and the Humblebees – He Can’t Help Looking at the Time

The upbeat and happy go lucky sound of Craig Lee and the Humblebees was a welcome distraction from the dreary weather outside and brought a smile to my face. Fans of The Vaccines have a good chance of being able to expand their library of favourites as Craig has adamantly been inspired by the guitar-heroes of our time. ‘He Can’t Help Looking at the Time’ is uplifting, fast paced and a light-hearted piece of retro pop! 50’s rockabilly meets modern indie pop with a hint of surf pop!

Playlunch – No Hat, No Play

Playlunch have just released their debut single ‘No Hat, No Play’ and it’s got us truly excited if this is only the beginning! The band are one fun bunch, have created an already refined party sound, a summer anthem ahead of summer, with funky vocals and a boogying soundscape that is simply delightful. ‘No Hat, No Play’ is different in many ways, a comedic alternative pop rock track with a brass-filled soundscape and spoken vocals, funny harmonies and an overall rhythm you just can’t sit still to!

Marie Naffah – Run Away With Me

She who left an impression and just doesn’t seem to leave our heads, her inspiring and fragile, at times bittersweet, songs are simply mesmerising. Marie Naffah blows us away once more with her latest single ‘Run Away With Me’. Its title can be taken literally, the single is about craving an escape and wanting someone to drop everything and come with you. She tells the story with breath-taking vocals that are drenched in passion and a hunger for more. Her music and tales are relatable, warm and comforting.

Gray & Black – I’ll Be Seeing You

‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ is a soft and soothing new alternative folk track, and a lyrical analogy of the moment when you can finally let go of all that’s heavy and dragged you down. The song is light as a feather and listens like a welcome breather, a reset button that helps you lift the weight of the world off your shoulders. Soft vocals and a subtle soundscape make ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ a very easy listening track and we’re excited it introduced us to Gray & Black!

Jem – Lost

Jem’s single ‘Lost’ is almost dauntingly beautiful, a tad mysterious and built upon a very slowly driven soundscape that is simple yet refined and listens like the bittersweet mid-section of a romantic comedy or a film scene where someone’s died… Layer after layer gets uncovered while listening to this dramatic piece of world music blended with folk pop that comes with an equally beautiful video. “‘Lost’ explores a touching story that transcends barriers. Inspired by The Pianist and influenced by alternative 90’s rock, alternative folk and the middle east.”

Cover: Marie Naffah by Parri Thomas

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