Nature TV – Mike Fake

We have talked about Nature TV before and we will keep doing so until they stop writing thrilling indie psych pop tunes! ‘Mike Fake’ is their latest and talks about “all of those mysterious and attractive people you meet. Who seem completely charming and perfect, but maybe they’re too much for you or potentially just using you as a pawn in their own game.”

Theirs is an exciting sound, refined and eccentric, made their own and peculiar. Built on lively compositions and with soft vocals Nature TV have created their own genre and play a game not many bands have figured out how to play yet. ‘Mike Fake’ is a mellow track hinting at dream pop with refreshing rock elements and shimmering guitars that bring the track and its soundscape alive.

The Bright-based four-piece straddle the line between indie pop and psych rock and bring a familiar yet unique sound to the scene, a sound that is often compared to Peach Pit, Real Estate and Beach Fossils. They will be releasing a single every month ahead of the release of their next EP ‘Heartbreak Skyline’ and we’re more than ready for it!

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