Get to know Gauri Paighan

We recently got acquainted with alternative folk pop songstress Gauri Paighan, her music and story intrigued us so we asked her some questions about her music and future plans!

What inspires you to write music?

Overall life experiences and events that I go through as well as others go through, I just take it as a storyline. Each event comes as an inspiration and opportunity to find rhythms and melodies and write songs about it.

Who or what influences your lyrics?

Especially all the artists from the ’60-’70s. I have been listening to their lyrics and have been realising how much they can pass the messages through a single verse and chorus. Not just about us or our relationship. But overall how the universe works, the problems faced as a collective in the world and lastly how music can make the world a better place with higher consciousness.

What do you hope to achieve with your music?

I wish to achieve nothing to be honest. I just love doing it and I think a lot can be given from music to the brains of others. As long as creativity flows to me I achieve a lot of inner peace and inner growth from it. Seeing people happy and helping them transcend their consciousness and connect with them on a deeper level.

What place do you think your music has in modern society?

I think it has a lot of ‘old souls’ place. Because in the modern world and generation I quite feel like I don’t fit in so I always kind of like to make sure that with each song I am passing messages and energies of the old generation too. So yes, I feel my music has a lot of like old souls as well as a deeper understanding of our kind of place in this modern society.

How do you think, or how would you like, to shape the modern world with your music?

We go through a lot everyday and it is easy to get influenced by people we surround ourselves with, at times we forget who we really are and where we are coming from. That’s what I am trying to shape in everyone with music. Like just be yourself and accept all the concepts that life has to offer because we’re only here for a short period of time and human experience is a grateful event happening already so just enjoy the ups and downs with less complaints and more gratefulness.

Who else do you think is a great example when it comes to making positive changes and influences their listeners with their music?

Roger Waters and Jerry Garcia to me personally are amazing songwriters. If you look at Roger’s lyrics your mind is gonna get blown and when I first heard him I felt like I am nothing yet everything it definitely hits you makes you more kinder than ever before which the world needs the most of right now. Moreover, when it comes to Jerry, he will trick your brain into looking at the world as a kid looks at skies and finds joy in it, I feel his lyrics have made me get connected to my inner child. No doubt there are many artists like these guys, however these two happen to be my life changers so I always have their music playing in my brain or a playlist.

What’s next in the calendar for you as an artist?

Next there is the dropping of an album which is coming out later this year. Before dropping an album I will be dropping two singles out of it, one is called ‘Connected Parts’ it’s about connecting your soul with every living thing. It comes out in April 2022. Also the other is called ‘Who You’re Anna?’ In which a kid learns to live in moments and find her highest version every second. This album and songs are all focused on self exploration and consciousness exploration. I just hope all my brothers will love it as much as I do.

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