Tina Loeffler – Sea Song

Tina Loeffler‘s latest is a small and fragile, personal and mesmerising alternative folk song with soft vocals and a simple soundscape. ‘Sea Song’ is the first of her upcoming EP, and is an ode to a place where you’ll always find freedom and peace, “gentle acoustic guitars and ambient cello tunes painting ta picture of shallow water and a peaceful morning spent by the sea.”

Her song listens like a soundtrack for an afternoon spent by the sea, washes through my head like a cleansing breath of fresh sounds. ‘Sea Song’ is a simplistic and angelic, almost mantra-like song with her beautiful vocals at the forefront of it all. About her new release, Loeffler says: “Sharing places and experiences with the ones we love while noticing our own growth, that is all what ‘Sea Song’ is about.”

The upcoming EP almost came about by accident: “Usually, winter is the time where I take a break for a while, from social media, making plans, speaking out ideas before I can see and feel them on the whole. Over the last couple of months, I’ve started to work on some kind of poems, a collection of thoughts inspired by our yearly trips to Denmark and before I knew it, I was working on the songs for a new EP.”

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