FloodHounds – Panic Stations

When you’re like me and you like to soak yourself in distorted riffs and rough, sultry vocals, you’ll be having a field day with FloodHounds’ latest, ‘Panic Stations’. It is their raw and heavy sound that is exciting and fueled by a raging energy that makes not just ‘Panic Stations’ such an addictive track. It’s groovy and driven by filthy riffs, and talks about not giving into panic. 

The band have created another stumping and fuzzy savage guitar-driven track with thumping drums and punching bass-lines in the spotlight. The Yorkshire trio blend gritty blues rock and hard-hitting punk and on ‘Panic Stations’ it all comes together. About the song, songwriter Jack Flynn says: “it touches on the air of uncertainty we’ve all been labouring under. I wanted to write a song that echoed us roaring out of lockdown, and back into real life. The takeaway is that sticking together will serve us better than alienation and blind panic.” 

It’ll be an ignition once played live, bringing an eruption of energy and freedom, of finally being able to play live again and get back into the venues and onto the stage. Previous FloodHounds tracks were played on local radio stations but will soon be taking over the national airwaves, we’re promising ya!

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