Low Hummer – Talk Shows

We were lucky enough to catch Low Hummer live at KU Bar, Stockton, during all-day inner city festival Twisterella, as they seem to already have outgrown the small stages while they jet off for SXSW in Texas, US! Apparently it wasn’t just me who got excited by the Hull-born six piece that tore down the stage with a nonchalance and attitude like it’s what they were made to do. 

‘Talk Shows’ proves this is exactly what they are made to do, shrill vocals and an alt rock soundscape tell the cautionary tale of mind-number monotony of Saturday night TV. It’s fuzz-filled, fast paced and tongue-in-cheek, a mix of synths, driving drums and those hard-to-forget vocals that help us to instantly recognise Low Hummer’s sound. The emerging DIY outfit are building a path that’s due to soon lead them to world tours and international recognition, and if you’re not sold yet, give ‘Talk Shows’ a listen!

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