Sea Legs – Under The Weather

They’re a band we’ve been following for a while, with previously released singles ‘Favourite Doll’ and ‘Gold Stars’ still freshly ingrained in our memory. ‘Under The Weather’ is another unconventional yet refreshing and soft sound, a welcome breather, a warm and exciting track that shows Sea Legs don’t plan on following the herd anytime soon. The Leeds-based four piece are refined, well-rehearsed and well-produced and bring a new sound to the scene, with ‘Under The Weather’ being another brilliant example of that sound! 

‘Under The Weather’ addresses the desire to be positive even if you’re struggling, “to shake the idea that someone is choosing to be down, and emphasise that they would almost certainly rather be happy. I thought the chorus lyric was a nice poetic way of summing that up”, explains frontman Tom Saunders about the song. 

Their mix of influences and inspirations ranges from the Beach Boys to The Cure and R.E.M., which is probably why we’re such fans… ‘Under The Weather’ will soon be followed by more singles and a debut EP!

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