Darcie – Utterance Swirls

Darcie is mesmerising and so is her new single ‘Utterance Swirls’, she’s been working on the track for a year or so and we can hear the reflections shape this piece of mellow electro pop! The single is the first to be released in a series of singles that will be revealed over the next few months and “encapsulates a time in my life where I was confused and angry. It speaks of experiences with fickle people, the realisation of a consistent abuse of trust, and the healing process that stemmed from this.”

When we see artists unravel, grow into their own skin, find their sound and create an atmosphere only they can bring, we hardly ever forget it. Darcie is impressive, she’s a force of musical nature and we are entangled in the web that is ‘Utterance Swirls’, and we don’t even mind! She expresses herself in a few more words: “I would like to think that whilst ‘Utterance Swirls’ expresses anger towards these people and the situations that I was forced into, it also shows an understanding that people are fallible. Whilst difficult, this song was cathartic to write and it has allowed me to move forward, content.”

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