Bollo Bollo – Liquid Heaven

A refreshing mix of indie dream pop and the influences of Foals and Tame Impala being apparent, ‘Liquid Heaven’ is a warm and welcome introduction to Buckinghamshire outfit Bollo Bollo. They recently presented their new single and announced the release of their debut EP!

‘Liquid Heaven’ talks about alcohol addiction, “the sad routine like cycle that it can become, yet being unable to break from within its grasp.” Talking of such a heavy subject can easily become dreary, a drag, but Bollo Bollo talk about subjects close to their hearts in an open and light-hearted way, making it almost fun to indulge yourself as listener into their struggles in everyday life.

It is up-tempo and uplifting, a warm change and interesting, outstanding sound that is different then others from within their genre. Bollo Bollo are an intriguing quartet and ‘Liquid Heaven’ is the perfect teaser for the upcoming EP!

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