Young Astronaut – Hellions

Young Astronaut‘s new release ‘Hellions’ is a shimmering alternative rock track with an intriguing intro and soft, soothing vocals. Their sound is thumping and anthemic with a classic and effective build up that leads towards an eruptive synth rock-influenced chorus! ‘Hellions’ is the second single from the band’s forthcoming EP ‘Pirouette & Fall’, the EP is due for release later this year.

Their polished sound is rockier this time, with a focus on lyrical introspection and an atmospheric soundscape that brings a warm and calming soundscape. A breather from everyday life, a comforting and surprisingly memorable sound that is driven by stomping drums, dancing bass lines and melodic brass. Their upcoming EP will hopefully showcase more of their expansive and exciting sound, and be an extension of ‘Hellions’!

We added ‘Hellions’ to our Newest Releases and our Favourites playlist.

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