Alexander Joseph – Firefly

Alexander Joseph has recently released his dreamy soft pop single ‘Firefly’, the song and its latest version draw the attention to his guitar work and soft, pleasant vocals. ‘Firefly’ talks about finding light during the darker moments in life, and truly acts as a firefly, a shimmer of light in the dark!

The singer songwriter goes back to his roots on this single, focusing on a guitar-driven alternative pop sound that is pensive and introspective, soothing and rather comforting in its own right. Alexander talks about overcoming obstacles and opens up through his song writing. An subtly uplifting sound framing honest subjects has proven to be a success-formula in the past, and Joseph shows that also he understands how to make this formula work for himself.

It’s not only his music that showcases multiple layers, the musician behind the sound is also more than just a musician, Alexander is also a sport fanatic and coaches a British wheelchair tennis program. This was the inspiration behind his debut EP ‘Anything Is Possible’ which was released in 2019. Hopefully his latest single will soon be followed by another EP, have a listen below!

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