Sunfish – Used To Be

The filthy and riff-driven rock sound Sunfish unleashed on us was a very welcome one. Their raw and ready rock vibes came to us in the form of new single ‘Used To Be’, an anthemic and stadium-like track built on a soundscape that had us hooked from the start. This new single is a mixture of powerhouse riffs, fuzzy guitars and driving, thumping drums. It is a fresh and modern take on the grunge rock sound of the 80’s and ‘Used To Be’ is one of our new favourites!

The Salt Lake City-based band are trying to break the indie pop scene with energetic rock, I’d say they’re in a different ball park, potentially already way past the emerging indie outfits. Their refined and eager sound is filled with lust and rage and we can’t wait to hear more from the talented four-piece!

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