Adam Giles Levy – Wild Earth

These days, you don’t have to look far to hear a song about rescuing the planet and doing more to safeguard our environment. But, it’s not every day, though, that you come across a track like Adam Giles Levy‘s ‘Wild Earth’. Furthermore, the British singer-songwriter, who currently resides in Spain, propels his story forward with passion, encouraging us to rise up and fight for the planet and future generations’ survival.

While Adam taps into various styles and genres, its basis is blues-rock with a booming apocalyptic style atmosphere that vibrates out of the production from the moment it starts. The sound of the drums on the speaker is thunderous, and Adam quickly rises to the top, singing with all his might, giving us reason to consider him one of the most intriguing new performers in this field.

The guitar plays a vital part in the music, and it adds to the experience by reinforcing the track’s weight and increasing the intensity of the interaction. In addition, the bass lead connects all of the components together to provide a watertight and captivating foundation. In the last section of the song, Adam expresses himself even more profoundly, urging us to do something and reminding us to act before it’s too late.

Words by James Davids

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