POLSKY – 100 Million Ways to Die

A fast paced, exciting and eccentric new song was released by POLSKY, their latest release ‘100 Million Ways To Die’ is a modern and alternative new wave-inspired track inspiring us to live our life to the fullest! “It’s about accepting we all die in many ways, and have worries from life, but once we accept this, we can live life to the full!”

The emerging indie band was formed by songwriter and producer Kris Warren, who got ideas and inspiration from sessions with Echo and the Bunnymen and Nick Lowe to name a few. We hear The Cure-like vocals and a thumping soundscape that is driving yet subtle. Since their formation they have evolved into a full on energetic indie band who are gearing up for the release of their debut album! It’ll be a collection of precisely executed vintage pop tracks “about corporate zombies, elderly love affairs, brain function, video game addiction and the undeniable human obsession with shouting louder than everyone else.”

‘100 Millions Ways to Die’ is the first release of the album, an exciting prospect showcasing the bands’ refined and rather unique sound, giving us a taste of what’s to come, and it sure got us excited!

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