Premiere: Emmrose – The Gallows

She is a special one, an ever-growing artist with layers of talent and an interesting story to tell. The latest from her hand is called ‘The Gallows’ and will be out for all to hear tomorrow. However, if you are one of the lucky ones reading this right now, you can listen to Emmrose’s new single ahead of its release!

“‘The Gallows’ is about old loves and how they haunt us”, her slightly wavering vocals bring a bittersweet pop story backed by a subtle and reverberating soundscape. As in a dream she reaches us, an angelic and well-crafted soundscape that sounds determined and effortless. About the creation of the song she says: “The writing process for ‘The Gallows’ was pretty simple, I had some lyrics and a melody in mind that I wrote on the way back from my house, so I sat down at the piano, found the chords, and wrote the rest of the song. I recorded the song with my producer Mike Abiuso who created the dreamy ‘Strawberry Field’s’ type vibe with the mellotron and layered backing vocals.”

She writes from personal experiences, emotions that tumble, that come and go when you least expect, “No matter where I go or how I try and move on from the people of my past – their ghosts keep following me, and always at the worst moments.” Despite the paranoia that follows, Emmrose seems to be able to distance herself from the panic and write comforting and relatable songs about those moments, which is where ‘The Gallows’ came from, and we’re glad it did! Listen to the single below, and on all streaming platforms from tomorrow onwards!

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