Dutch talents: Evi Bosman and néomí

Evi Bosman – Lose A Friend

Her smooth and tranquil sound is a soft folk-y one, being brought to us in the form of new single ‘Lose A Friend’. Evi Bosman’s voice is a pleasant one to listen to, her soundscape being a subtle and refined one, built on shimmering guitar lines and a warm, thumping beat. ‘Lose A Friend’ is introspective, slow paced and infectious in its own right. She sounds determined and confident, despite this only being her second single! She’s built up the hype, the expectations and the anticipations that she will be famous on day.

néomí – i’ll be there

néomí seems to have come from nowhere, suddenly breaking the scene with her angelic voice and sweet pop songs. Her latest is ‘i’ll be there’, another hazy, mantra-like folk pop song built on subtlety and simplicity. She seems a hard-working, steadfast, still evolving musician that is building herself a path of fame and glory, and most of all a comforting pop sound we simply can’t get enough of. The warm harmonies that fill up the soundscape of ‘i’ll be there’ give it an extra layer of wealth, of which we’ll hopefully hear more on her upcoming debut EP ‘before’ which is due for release on the 24th of June!

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