Album: Will And The People – Past the Point of No Return

I recently discovered not a band, but an album, Will & The People‘s ‘Past the Point of No Return’ is an extravagant and versatile collection of songs from the band that have proven themselves to be anything but a one trick pony. Its title track was the first thing Will played when entering the studio, and it became a song immediately. It’s unexpected and warm, a gentle album opener, and a song that makes me want to dive straight into their sound, completely immerse myself. Soft vocals and a slightly hesitant feeling to it, ‘Past the Point of No Return’ is something different altogether.

Their infectious alternative rock sound knows many different mixes and alterations, ‘Kamikaze’ being the perfect example of a catchy yet refined and unhurried song that brings a breath of fresh air to the album and the band’s discography. ‘Money’ leans more towards their sound as we got to know when they released ‘Lion in the Morning Sun’, back in 2011. That scrumptious, memorable voice gets to shine on ‘Money’, sounding slightly rough around the edges, but fresh and making for a pleasant listen!

On ‘Lights Out’ the quirkiness that attracted me to Will & The People gets to take centre stage, despite sounding completely different from some of their other work, this light-heartedness is the red threat that weaves the album together, completing it. Song number five on the album must be my personal favourite, ‘Heaven’ was also released as a single and takes on a hazy, dreamy sound, an introspective feeling they continue bringing on ‘Do the Right Thing’ and ‘Get My Shit Together’.

We enter an alternative disco club vibe on ‘Forwards’ and ‘Mean Eye’ which is another exciting surprise, despite such a sound not being my favourite. They return to their roots on the last two singles with ‘When We Get There’ an almost bittersweet ending to the album, as we simply don’t want it to end! Luckily we do get a good five minutes of soft vocals and a simple, subtle piano-driven soundscape.

Talking about the album and recording process, they say: “the record was written and recorded in the space of two weeks, the benefit of doing that is that you don’t have time to overthink and what you loose in perfecting things over time, you gain in spontaneity. It’s great when something improvised ends up permanent on a record!” A multitude of influences and inspirations, personalities and preferences make this album sound so natural, determined and passionate.

Most of all it proves the quartet aren’t done evolving, creating, and releasing, with ‘Past the Point of No Return’ being an exciting and uplifting collection of exquisite indie rock!

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