New videos: People On TV and Brooke Annibale

People On TV – Stand

Brisbane-based alternative trio People On TV released their new single and video for ‘Stand’ last month, following their debut single ‘Rewind’! Theirs is a hypnotic sound, a warm and comforting hug in the form of a driving sound built on anthemic hooks with exciting drums and soft riffs. With soothing vocals and a warm overall soundscape, ‘Stand’ is a mesmerising new release! “‘Stand’ is either your get ready anthem or your long Sunday drive shake out.” Versatile and perfect in both of these situations!

Brooke Annibale – What If You

Brooke Annibale sounds like a hazy, wonderfully crafted dream on her latest single ‘What If You’, a soft and subtle sound with sweet vocals and a warm undertone, the indie singer songwriter truly got a hold of us with her latest single and video. She is also the latest addition to the Nettwerk roster and is sharing a taster of her upcoming album, details soon to be announced!

About her latest, Brooke says: “I was wondering whether or not I could carry on making music the way I had in the past. I thought, is diving back into my music career gonna knock out any mental-health progress I’ve made? Can I put out a record, be vulnerable, and do the whole cycle again? And then I realized: It’s a double-meaning metaphor. What if everything that I loved loved me back? What if I just did this? And it worked.”

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