Vex Message – The 1 Big 1

A catchy and festive new single was released by Lancaster-based synth rock trio Vex Message, their latest is disco-influenced synth track ‘The 1 Big 1’! The setting of their latest release is a post-apocalyptic Kent where language and society have both broken down. Driven by riffs, exciting hooks and echoing vocals, ‘The 1 Big 1’ is something rather outstanding!

The song is inspired by the Russel Hoban book ‘Riddley Walker’, and came together after all three band members worked on it remotely, singer Derek explains: “Hopey, our guitarist, wrote the bulk of this song. All our tunes come together in different ways, with us all tinkering about with stuff in a Dropbox folder. With ‘The 1 Big 1’, Hopey sent an almost finished version of the music and I just added my vocals. Sam recorded some drums in the studio and hey presto! We’ve got a new tune on our hands.”

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