Liam Dutch – Settle Down

A warm and subtle new alternative rock sound a la Arctic Monkeys was sent our way by Our Sound Music, it’s Liam Dutch‘s latest single ‘Settle Down’. A simple yet catchy, refined and welcome, soft alternative pop track with a surprising soundscape and exciting, sultry vocals. A mix of influences taken from Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane and Ian Curtis come together in Liam Dutch’s latest single. A sexy sound, built on a success formula that has been tried and tested, makes us a fan of the China-based singer songwriter and musician!

On the inspiration behind the song, Liam says: “It originally came from a conversation I overheard in a pub, I think I heard someone use the phrase ‘let’s get married, buy a house’ in passing conversation when they were referencing someone else and I liked it, and it grew from there, but to be honest it’s meant to be playful and not taken too seriously.” The light-heartedness of the song make it even more fun to listen to and luckily for us it’s only the beginning of a continuing journey with an EP on the way!

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