Shane Pi – Is This Art?

Nashville based singer-songwriter Shane Pi is getting down to business with his new and fresh first EP, ‘Is This Art?’. The release sheds a new lens on the indie genre, and Shane takes us all on an experience of a lifetime with the five tunes which make up the compilation.

The EP opens with the first single, which came out from Shane, ‘Company’. It is a track that instantly sets the tone for the EP, and the gliding sounds that emerge prove to be the winning recipe as Shane hooks us to his shimmering brightness. The synths guide the route forward, and his dreamy vocal performance serenades the senses.

‘Your Own Devices’ takes a step back in terms of energy. It dips into a relaxed area with the bass line grabbing the focus in the opening. The 80s inspired synth hooks whirl around the mix alongside captivating guitar rhythms, and Shane steps up confidently with his vocal delivery, which is continually developing.

‘A Way Out’, which is the penultimate tune, moves much deeper into dreamland, and the futurist approach has us feeling as though we are down a new route with Shane standing out with feel-good charisma. It brilliantly transitions into the final track, ‘Made For You’; the last track’s aura is challenging to refuse. Furthermore, Shane bolsters his name in the modern independent game, and he leaves us revelling in excitement, impatient for his next delivery, which will hopefully arrive n the not too distant future.

Words by James Davids

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