New art pop: Alta Falls, Cat Ryan and Sarpa Salpa

Alta Falls – Trust Me

A soothing new wave slash art pop sound with a warm intro seems like the perfect welcome break, Alta Falls brought us ‘Trust Me’ and we’re glad they did. Subtle vocals and a subtle pop soundscape translate a story of love and loss, a request to be trusted and about falling in love again. Alta Falls create refined pop song with soothing sounds, ‘Trust Me’ is no exception on the success formula and listens like a soothing afternoon soundtrack!

Cat Ryan – Rex Mundi

‘Rex Mundi’ is our new favourite single from north east-based art rock outfit Cat Ryan. It is the hard to ever forget hook that drives the rest of the song, “I’m the king of the world, I’m Rex Mundi”, that is living in our head rent free. They are well-known for their well-crafted, shimmering alternative pop rock soundscapes and with ‘Rex Mundi’ they bring us another one of those! Character Rex came to life when singer Mary-Anne spent some time with her family on their remote farm in rural Ireland, and describes a strong character and mindset trying to fight social injustice.

Sarpa Salpa – Dreaming

South UK band Sarpa Salpa have created another pop hit with ‘Dreaming’, following up previous releases ‘Your House’ and ‘Somebody’. Their new indie disco sound is infectious and synth-driven and convinced many a music-enthusiast and music-professional when the band played multiple shows during showcase festival SXSW in Texas. About their latest, vocalist Marcus says: “‘Dreaming’ is about the stark emotional difference I feel from when we are stood on stage performing, to difficult times in our personal lives and struggling to make ends meet.” The highs and lows of being a musician…

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