Video: Creature Canyon – Simulator

‘Simulator’ is a warm and funky new alternative pop track, catchy and leaning against a danceable disco track, it is the latest release from San Diego alt-outfit Creature Canyon and we could listen to it over and over again! Its riffing soundscape and welcome, festive rhythm create a comforting and unhurried sound driven by subtle vocals and propelling bass grooves.

It is upbeat, soulful, rocking and joyful, ‘Simulator’ truly is something else and the perfect introduction to the sound of Creature Canyon! A subtle soundtrack to the transition from spring to summer, inviting its listeners to live in the moment and leave behind “our hyperconnected, superficial world”, lead singer Austin Steele says. “‘Simulator’ is a wake-up call to escape the clutches of modern technology, our naïve critique on society. Despite providing a temporary escape, technology is shaping a world in which being present in the moment is being lost in modern life.” A joy to listen to, and a treat to look at, have a look and a listen!

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