Michael Wilford – Esraela (feat. Elijah Quinn)

Michael Wilford loves timeless love and so do we, his latest release is a vintage-sounding song with soft and sweet vocals, telling a story of love. His ‘Esraela’ was inspired by real life love stories the singer songwriter and drummer witnessed in his family and his own relationships. ‘Esraela’ is a refined and subtle, unhurried blend of several influences, a genre he’s coined ‘suit and tie pop’.

We’ve heard stories of love before, but Wilford tells it differently, with a sobriety and refreshingly riffing soundscape translating its story into sound! ‘Esraela’ is an almost jazzy folk pop song with a catchy soundscape and a subtle, simple vibe. His sound is a mix of classic crooning vocals and modern pop soundscapes, ‘Esraela’ is his third release and will hopefully be followed by more releases of a same kind!

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