Live: Miles Kane rocks at Newcastle University

Getting to Newcastle University Students’ Union is always an adventure, and I’m always able to point some strangers into the right direction, because it’s generally very unclear as to where the venue is hidden. Which also means that I always meet new people on my way there, and the tone for the night is set!

Brooke Combe

When I arrived at the venue, mistakenly thinking I was early, I realised I had already missed the first act on. Luckily I was on time to fall head over heels in love with the charming Edinburgh-based singer that is Brooke Combe. The sound she showcased was a new one to me, a bluesy pop rock sound that throughout her entire set kept evolving into something bigger and better. She was notably very comfortable on stage and brought us a sound that is still echoing in my head, a catchy one, without any frills, just as it is! She paid homage to the Arctic Monkeys by covering ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When Your High?’ and closed her set with latest single release ‘Miss Me Now’!

Miles Kane

We didn’t expect anything else but a theatrical performance from the showman that is Miles Kane, but my did he outperform the expectations. He must have some of the most dedicated fans, who had started the party even before he had entered the stage. Once he did enter, the roof got blown of Newcastle University’s Students Union, or in short, the NUSU. From the first few notes the tone was set, with hit ‘Rearrange’ instantly waking up a few of the fans that hadn’t fully grasped where they were just yet.

Like a confident showman he shared the spotlight with the singer on his left, who was, as well as Kane, a born star with a golden voice that should never go unheard. The energy of the entire band was that of a well-oiled machine and an easy one to duplicate. With such a refined rock’n’roll sound, it’s hard not to move your feet. Hits ‘Coup de Grace’, ‘Cry On My Guitar’ and ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ passed the revue. A gasp and scream followed when the first notes of ‘Aviation’ sounded, not one from his personal catalogue, but a song he released with pal Alex Turner under The Last Shadow Puppets, yes, dreams do come true.

He closed the night with favourites ‘Inhaler’ and ‘Comer Closer’ and left us all satisfied yet still longing for more. Comments were made about the amount of recording cell phones there were, which showed how Kane’s fanbase had done anything but age, but despite that, the night was unforgettable. You know that the gig was good when the review practically writes itself!

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