Excuse Me. – The Miser

Canadian outfit Excuse Me. formed in late 2017 and have recently released their new single ‘The Miser’, their storytelling hazy pop sound is infectious and riveting. ‘The Miser’ is a soothing indie pop track with a slowly, well-built soundscape led by strong vocals. “The single is the second release of an arsenal of music that we’ve been sitting on and plan to put out in 2022!”

Its sound is dreamy, wandering, a soft and gentle touch on the pop genre with subtle synths bringing more depth into the song. “In the lyrics of ‘The Miser’, I tried to capture the anxious thoughts I have during low points in my life. A miser is someone who relentlessly gathers possessions and shares as little of their wealth as possible, and sometimes when I’m at my worst I find myself pushing people away and focusing on what little I still have control over, like a miser.”

The openness and honesty this release is driven by gives it, and the band, both more credibility and likeability. A genuine sound, a song that had to be written, that is also pleasant to listen to? More of that please!

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